The Benefits of Wearing Swimwear Briefs


I have worn a lot of different swimwear in my life but there is something about the swimwear briefs that I have been wearing recently that really get my attention. Some swimwear is good for wearing to the beach and just getting a tan while others are good for actually going into the water. But the briefs that I wear now have been exceptional at both of those things and I couldn’t see going to the beach in anything else now. I know you think it is odd that wearing briefs would be good for tanning but the briefs I have are quite a bit smaller than normal.


I have even started wearing my swimwear briefs as underwear so that I can always have them on. It is amazing the amount of comfort they provide while I am working all day and the thought of being able to leave work and head to the beach to relax without having to go home is amazing. I have often wanted to do that in the past but once I get home I really don’t want to deal with the traffic and people just to get out to the beach so I would stay home and just sit there.

Now that I have these amazing swimwear briefs I can hit the parking lot at work and decide whether or not I want to play in the sand for a bit before going home. I can slip my pants off in the car when I get there and relax with a smile on my face anytime I want. It really is great to have that kind of freedom in my life and I wish I could figure out a way to get my boss to let me wear them around the office. I think that would be absolutely amazing if I could wear nothing but my briefs at work all day long. I mean I am wearing them anyway but they are covered up and no one else can see why I am smiling as much as I am. If they could see my briefs they would understand and probably go out and buy their own.