Swimwear Briefs for a More Modest Lifestyle


I have found swimwear briefs to be the best thing ever created in my opinion. Sure people go on about their smartphones and how cars have some along in so many years, but the brief designs that are going out these days are far more interesting to me. I actually feel like I am in the front line of this fascinating trend in swimwear right now and I am truly looking forward to what is coming around the next corner. Hopefully I will be able to keep my body in shape for whatever that design change might be.

To most people swimwear briefs are nothing all that new or thought provoking. There have been quite a lot of guys wearing them over the years and most people have already seen them in action eve if they didn’t know it at the time. I think that is part of the appeal that I find with them because I am not looking for something that really sticks out in a crowd. I would rather blend in to the background than be the guy walking down the beach in the neon yellow thong if you know what I mean. I like attention but there are times when you can get too much attention and that has never been fun for me.

I prefer the more mundane aspects of life and wearing swimwear briefs allows me to do that while still having fun out in public. To think that only a few years ago I was wearing regular swimming trunks to the beach when I could have been wearing something much more exciting for me and yet mellower in the overall picture is just amazing to me. I really hope that the new designs that keep coming out don’t change things so much that I can’t feel comfortable wearing them in public anymore as that would be a travesty to me. I love being able to look great while staying out of the eyes of everyone that walks by me on the beach and that is something I just can’t really find in other types of swimwear these days.