The Joys of Swimwear Briefs


I am so glad that swimwear briefs have been made so that I can go out to the beach and have some fun with everyone else. I hated the way those surfing short things fit, especially getting in and out of the water. What is up with that bubble thing that happens when you jump in the water for the first time? It always made me look like I had just farted as soon as my balls hit the water. No matter how good you look or how buff you are, everyone is going to point and laugh when they see that bubble forming in your crotch.

The swimwear briefs designs don’t do that sort of thing, though. They are tight fitting and never get that damned bubble thing going on. They also don’t have a tendency to slip off your hips, showing your ass in the process, when you are getting out of the pool. That was another thing about the traditional swimwear that I always hated when I was younger. I don’t have hips to speak of and I looked really funny the first time I ever wore suspenders with my swim trunks. Yes, I actually did that in order to keep them on at the public swimming pool.

Thankfully, I have bought enough men’s swimwear briefs over the last few months that I don’t ever have to worry about wearing trunks again. I can wear a different pair of briefs every weekend for the entire summer and be content that I won’t be wearing the same one twice. Its things like that which makes me happy to be living in this day and age. I know, everyone else is talking about their new smartphone or some dumb app they have, but I am happy for someone inventing a swimsuit that I can wear in peace and not worry about the awkward embarrassment that might happen getting in or out of the water.