Keeping My Swimwear Briefs Safe


One of the coolest styles of swimwear I have seen lately has been the swimwear briefs. I don’t know why they look so good to me, but I have been buying them left and right. I see all kinds of different styles but the briefs just seem to fit my personality a bit better, I think. I like seeing some of the bikini designs and things of that sort, but I know I couldn’t pull of wearing something like that very well. I will stick with what I am comfortable with and, right now, those are the brief designs that I keep seeing.

I have been getting my friends involved in wearing swimwear briefs lately as well. They all thought I had lost my mind until they saw what they looked like in person. Now it’s all I can do to keep my new designs from being snagged by my friends. One of them thinks it’s a fun little game to try to wear my swimwear before anyone else does. He knows that if he gets them on before I wear them, then I will just give them to him and not wear them myself. Going commando in someone else’s swimwear is something I find completely wrong on so many levels.

When he was living with me I would have to have my men’s swimwear briefs shipped to a PO Box in town so that I was assured he wouldn’t get them on. On the other hand, now that he doesn’t live with me anymore; it has been easier for me to catch them in the mail before he does. Although he still tries his best to keep an eye out for any new packages that might come. One of these days I am going to order some really erotic sex wear and see if he thinks it might be new swimwear stuff. Then, I will take pictures of him showing me that he was wearing them first and post them online.