Start with a Speedo swimsuit

Speedo Swimsuit

I love swearing my Speedo swimsuit, but I wish that more people felt the same way about it. Ever where I look there are guys that are still wearing the older designs of swimwear and they are not ready to try something new,  At least, they do not think they are ready anyway. I honestly think they are ready, but they are afraid to get out there and show off their bodies the way they should. I love showing off my body and my speedo is the best way of doing that. I’m not even one of those guys that hits the gym all the time and I still enjoy showing off what I have.

I think if more guys out there would be willing to wear some kind of Speedo swimsuit, they would probably be a lot happier in their life. I know the first couple of times I wore my Speedo out in public I was nervous. How I ended up being invited to more parties while wearing a Speedo than while wearing any other type of swimwear I have ever owned. That says a lot to me considering I was the guy that was always going to the beach and never got invited to anything before wearing my Speedo.

If you want to try out a Speedo swimsuit and you feel like you are too shy to wear it in public, that is perfectly fine. Buy a basic design and wear it around the house until you are comfortable with it. Once you know how it fits and what it feels like while you are wearing it, then you can move on to taking it out in public. After that, you will be buying all kinds of designs and trying them on the public to see what kind of reactions you can get. Trust me, this is probably one of the best choices you can make in your life and you will definitely be getting more invites to house and pool parties than you could have ever imagined. You never know, we might actually meet up at one of those parties and we can share our Speedo swimsuit stories with each other.