Not all Swimwear Briefs are the Same


You may not think that wearing swimwear briefs is all that exciting and if you are only looking at the designs that you can find in those big chain retail stores you would be right. But if you take a minute or two to look around online you will see that even the brief designs out there are amazing. In fact I would rather wear something like this than any of those sexy thongs or bikinis that you can find all the other guys wearing these days. Not that they aren’t sexy, but I prefer to fit of the briefs over anything like that.

You should know by now that not all swimwear briefs are created equal. There are some that are simply too good to be worn out on the beach and some that you would only wear to the beach where there were a lot of other guys walking around in something sexy. Thankfully I have some of both so I can pretty much fit in anywhere I might be no matter what is being worn around me. But you will also find some that are so comfortable that you will never want to take them off again. I have quite a few of those in my collection as well since I gave up wearing underwear.

If you are going to get involved in wearing swimwear briefs than you should probably start out with something simplistic and not so erotic. I have a couple of friends that liked the designs I was wearing and they went with the overly erotic options in order to show me up. It didn’t exactly work out that well for them since they weren’t able to feel comfortable wearing them for the first time. I got them to start off with something less erotic and they have been happily working up to the first ones they bought over the last few months. Sometimes you have to go with what you understand before you can try out something amazing after all.