Give Swimwear Briefs a Chance


In my opinion, I think swimwear briefs are the way to go. I have tried all the other types of swimwear available on the market and, while some of them did feel comfortable and made me look good; my briefs are still my favorites. I think I am a more controlled and traditional type of guy, personally, and wearing briefs enables me to focus on just having fun. When I wear things like bikinis and thongs I usually have my mind wandering about whether or not I am completely tucked away or if I am flashing people and that always stops me from having fun because I do not want to upset people.

Now you do not have to feel the same way about swimwear briefs that I do in order to enjoy wearing them. I have a friend that loves wearing skimpy swimwear all the time and he still likes wearing briefs. Although he has recently found a design of briefs that are more geared towards the sexy side and he really loves wearing them out in public. Just imagine what it is like to go out to the beach with him while I am wearing something a little more traditional and he is showing off his family jewels to very one that walks by. I start to feel a little silly sitting there in my traditional swimsuit.

No matter what kind of swimwear you prefer to wear to the beach, swimwear briefs should be at the top of your list at least some of the time. I bet that you would end up having just as much fun wearing something like this as you would any other design you might enjoy. If you do not think, then why not try it out someday and see for yourself? You might be surprised at how fulfilling something mild can be from time to time. Besides, if you do not like them, then you can always go back to wearing the ones that you get off on the next time you go out. That is the great thing about having choices.