A National Swimwear Briefs Day?



I think the best fashion trend the world has ever seen is the swimwear briefs designs that I wear throughout the summer. I know this is just my opinion on the matter and there are a lot of other people out there that would probably argue with me but it is how I feel. I think the world took a turn for the best when the initial designer decided to make these briefs. After this design came out there were thousands of others that came out almost immediately and men could finally be themselves out on the beach. To me there is nothing better than that happening.

I love swimwear briefs and I think that everyone out there should try wearing them for a day. In fact I would like to see a whole holiday set up where that is all you are allowed to wear for an entire weekend. We could all get a three day weekend from work and there would be parties and whatnot. It would be the perfect way to start off summer especially if you lived near a beach. I wonder who I would have to talk to in order to get something like that started.

I know that there will probably never be a national swimwear briefs day but it is something worth looking into. Maybe I could get enough people to sign a petition that it could bring these wonderful swimwear designs into the mainstream for a few days. Then people would be able to see firsthand how great these designs are and they would go out and buy some to wear. The more guys that are willing to wear something like this out in the more chance that it will become the next casual swimwear choice for everyone. I even think women look sexy as hell wearing something like this and I would have no problem if this was the only swimwear choice for people to choose from.