Erotic Swimwear Briefs


When swimwear briefs were first introduced to the general public, they were not very sexy to look at when the men who wore them strolled along the beach. Of course, most of the women were probably avoiding looking at them due to the rules of the time and men were not exactly totally out of the closet. Instead, the briefs were chosen for comfort and acceptance. Since these briefs tended to conceal all of the important parts of a man’s body, they were allowed to be worn anywhere that swimming was the prime activity. No one really got noticed when they were wearing these because there just did not seem to be any effort put into making them sexy.

Then, as time went on, erotic swimwear briefs were created and launched to the public. Nothing seemed to be sexier than these briefs. These new designs were made to enhance rather than conceal the very impressive parts of the male body. They cling and mold themselves to a man’s ass cheeks, making them look pinchable, spank worthy, and biteable, and that is just in the back. The front shows even more interesting and lustful parts. There are even briefs that have attachments inside the front of them to make the penis look even more impressive than it may actually be. Just think of how much attention you will get when you have all of that stuff going on in both the back and the front.

Today, men are proud to don swimwear briefs and be seen in public while wearing them. They love the fit and the looks that they get when they are strolling along the water’s edge at their favorite beach. The fit is so flattering that many guys choose only briefs when they go shopping for their new swimsuits. They are comfortable, flattering, and most of all, quite erotic due to the many ways that they enhance the positive parts of a man’s body. If you have any doubts, you should simply buy one and try it out to see what it does for you.