Nirvana in Swimwear Briefs


I enjoy wearing swimwear briefs around the house as a way to relax. It may sound a bit odd for a guy to say something like that, but it is true. As soon as I come in from work, I hit the bedroom and change into my briefs. I can literally feel the stress melt away as soon as I pull them all the way up and look at myself in the mirror. They always put a smile on my face and they are so comfortable that I almost wished I had a job where I could wear them and nothing else all day. I think a lot of guys would love to have a job like that, though. Obviously, a grown man needs a job that pays a bit more than a teenage position of a lifeguard, right?

I thought about doing all of my work from home so that I could wear my swimwear briefs all the time, but I know that would not work for me. I would want to go hang out by the pool or head down to the beach and I wound never get any work done. I cannot even wear them under my clothes and go to the office because having them on makes me want to not be at work. It is so odd that these briefs have such an effect on me. I mean, it is great in one way, but it is a hindrance in another way. I need to work and make money so that I can buy more of those swimsuits that I love so much or I might just manage to pitch a little tent in a beach cove to live. I could live in my briefs and spend all my time on the beach.


It really is surprising that Koala swimwear briefs are not more popular than they are right now. I would think that life as we know it would ultimately change for the better if everyone else wore something like this every day. Sure, it would be chaotic at first with no one wanting to work, but we could pull it back together soon after since we would still need things in our lives. But then everyone would be wearing briefs and I could go to work comfortable and stare out the window at the beach. Yes, maybe that is not such a good idea, but I would like to see more guys wearing them around town, if that is at all possible. Just think about how relaxed all of the men would be when they could wear their briefs all the time and everywhere they wanted. It is quite possible that marriages and relationships would be much happier and last longer. Everyone would be so calm that not only the divorce rate would be down, but crime would probably decrease as well. After all, when no one is stressed and angry, there is a great chance that no one will ever be consumed by rage that will cause violence. Yes, this would be a true Nirvana.