Swimwear briefs that stand out.

How brief is brief? When it comes to swimwear briefs for men things have changed a lot the past few years. Ten years ago a Speedo would be considered a swimwear brief and even though many guys would think of Speedos as being a bikini compared to the new extreme designs for men they are almost a cover up. Bikinis have been getting smaller and smaller for some time now. It would be safe to say that the typical men’s bikini swimsuit is about the same size as the typical women’s swimsuit with the only real difference being the bulge pouch on the men’s suit other than that they both offer about the same coverage. Women’s bikinis are available in many sizes from full coverage to Brazilian bikinis, string bikinis and micro bikinis. Swimwear briefs and bikinis for men are available in all the same shapes and sizes as those listed for women. Men are wearing more Brazilian cut bikinis with narrow front pouches and rears that cover about fifty percent of the butt. Not quite thongs but very skimpy indeed. The Rio Summer Olympics are going to be a huge boost for sexy men’s swimwear worldwide. There were literally be hundreds if not thousands of clips, photos and live events showing off Brazilian men and women at the beach, both Brazilian men and women show a lot of skin and most have these lovely round full rears that are made for showing off!  Men’s swimwear companies are already getting ready for what looks to be a block buster summer season. Many new skimpy sexy swimwear briefs for men will be introduced by the major swimwear makers in January and February 2016. It should by exciting and fun seeing all the hot models wearing these amazingly skimpy designs but even more fun will be real people watching seeing all the men strutting their stuff like us ladies have forever.