Sexy Swimwear Briefs


There are most likely plenty of people in the world who do not consider swimwear briefs to be particularly sexy. The reason for this is because of the competition from a lot of other swimsuit styles. When you think about it, those thongs, Gstrings and bikinis do sound a lot sexier than something called a brief. Many people would probably put those in the category of underwear rather than swimwear. However, that could not be further from the truth. Yes, admittedly, there is a category of underwear known as briefs, but the swimsuit style is so much more than that. All you have to do is have a good hard look at the two and compare them. Once you do that, you will understand just why briefs are an entirely different group of swimsuits.



Swimwear briefs can easily be sexy when the guy wearing them is in decent to great physical shape. In fact, when it comes right down to it; a man who takes care of his body can successfully carry off any type of swimsuit. On the other hand, it is the briefs style that allows men who would otherwise not have a chance on the beach to show off their bodies to the most flattering of their ability. Briefs conceal a lot of physical flaws that would stand out like a sore thumb if they were showing up in a thong, bikini or Gstring. You would have to agree that it takes a really great physique to carry off something like a Gstring or thong. If you have any doubts, watch some scenes from the movie Magic Mike and you will see exactly what a man needs to have in order to pull off something of that nature.

Now, another benefit to wearing swimwear briefs is that they fit in anywhere. That means that you can just as easily go onto a family beach in them as you could visit a clothing optional one. No one is going to question your choice of a swimsuit because briefs cover as much as is needed to be decent while showing off attributes that you might want to be noticed. Either way, the brief is getting a raw deal when it is believed that they are not sexy when, indeed, they really are some of the sexiest swimsuits around today.