Quality Evolution in Swimwear Briefs


Wearing swimwear briefs has always interested me, but I couldn’t stand the designs they used to have available. They seemed really tight and short and looked like someone just cut up a pair of pants. They didn’t even remind me of swimwear at first glance. I tried some of the older designs and they didn’t fit all that well, either. I was very surprised that the store I purchased them from kept running out of them that summer. Why people would continue to buy such poorly designed swimwear was beyond me.

Thankfully, the newer swimwear briefs aren’t like that at all. They have taken the time to put some quality in them these days, and that makes all the difference in my book. I have some designs that are absolutely amazing to wear even if people on the beach stare at me like I have grown a second head. I say let them stare all they want. It just means that I am the one getting all the attention while they are sitting there wishing they could be more like me. Too bad I don’t get out to the beach all that often, though. I am sure I would turn even more heads if I did.


No matter what you may think about men’s swimwear briefs, you really need to give them a try at least once. I have a friend that refused to wear anything even remotely looking like them for the longest time. It took some doing, but after I finally convinced him that he would like them; he tried them on and fell in love. Now I can’t get him to wear anything except the brief designs that I have picked out over the last couple of years. It really is funny how people can be so against something until they actually try it out for themselves. That is when they realize that all those people doing it were absolutely right about how great it was.