Choosing between Bikinis, Speedos, G-strings, thongs or short shorts, which swimwear briefs for you?


There are more choices than ever when it comes to the variety of men’s swimwear briefs. You can go ultra micro with the absolute tiniest G-strings or you can go completely conservative with Speedo swimwear briefs. The choices are nearly endless with bikinis, Brazilian bikinis, micro bikinis, bikini thongs, male enhancement bikinis, thongs and G-strings, male to female transformations bikinis, thongs and micro shorts. Men have now reached equality in design choice compared to women. Men can go as sexy as they wish. All the swimwear briefs are form fitting and designed to show off the male form. Some get much more extreme than others including penis shaped pouches some designed to show you off very small and others created to show you off with a full erection. I think it is wonderful that we have so many options in fact on the other side of these very masculine swimsuits that have been created to show off as much penis as possible are the transformation designs for men looking at special swimwear briefs that create a complete feminine look. These male transformation styles completely erase any idea of the wearer having a penis at all. Some of the styles flatten you out completely showing off a nice smooth pouch area virtually identical to a women’s. Take the next step and these wild swimwear designs not only completely hide the shaft but they repurpose the balls created them into beautiful little vagina lips. These camel toe style designs have been some of the hottest sellers this season in the men’s swimwear arena. Looks like more men are wishing and willing to get in touch with their feminine side. This is a fantastic time for men’s swimwear briefs!