Discovering Swimwear Briefs


I always pictured men’s swimwear briefs as just a simplified version of swim trunks until I actually got to try some on. I was on vacation a couple years ago and found a small boutique by the beach that was selling some really interesting items. One of those items happened to be these briefs that appeared to be a rather good deal. I asked the sales person about them and he said that those were the highest selling items in the store, to the point where they had to order extra inventory to keep them on the shelves.

Since those swimwear briefs were a good deal, I went ahead and bought a pair to see what they were going to be like. I asked if I could try them on, but since you aren’t wearing anything under them, they won’t let you do that. I took them back to the hotel and tried them on in private and was amazed at how well they fit. It was almost like they had been specifically tailored to my body alone. I was impressed and so were the people by the hotel pool when I took them out for a test drive.


I ended up buying a couple more pairs of swimwear briefs while I was there to take home with me. The lady told me that I could order them online, too, if I wanted. Since then, I have bought close to twenty different styles of briefs. I can’t say how happy I am to have been able to find these items and bring them home with me. It truly is amazing that I find someone that hasn’t ever seen them before, but I am happy to tell them all about them whenever they ask. Maybe more people will take the opportunity to wear them and find out how great they are on their own. On the other hand, I really don’t mind sharing my experience with any newcomers.

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