I Wear Swimwear Briefs at Home


I Wear Swimwear Briefs at Home

When it comes to wearing swimwear briefs around the house, I am probably an expert. At least that is what all of my friends would say if you asked them. I tend to walk around in nothing but my briefs whenever I get the chance and I do not really care who might be around at that time. I love the way they feel when I have them on and they are all I can ever think about when I am not wearing them. My friends all think that I am crazy for wearing stuff like this but I don’t care. If being comfortable with your body makes you crazy, then so be it.

The really funny thing about wearing my swimwear briefs all the time is that there is not a beach anywhere near me. It would take a couple of days driving for me to even get to a decent place to wear them out in public. I also do not have a pool or anything nearby, which is probably why my friends all think I am crazy. I used to try to get them to understand just how comfortable these things can be, but they stopped listening to me a long time ago. Now I just live my life and they pretty much let me without too much teasing being involved.

If you are looking for something that you can wear around the house and feel comfortable in, then try some of these swimwear briefs. You might be surprised at how great they feel, and just because you do not have a pool or beach nearby, does not mean you have to give up certain aspects of your life. You could even wear them under your clothes if you are afraid of what other people might say about them. I would never do anything like that but I understand that there are some guys out there that just can’t handle that other people might not accept them for what they are wearing. These men need to build their confidence and self-esteem.

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