Loving New Designs in Swimwear Briefs

  I love spandex of all kinds but my absolute favorite is the swimwear briefs that are being introduced to the public these days. There is something so sensual about swimwear like this that I just can’t help myself. Every time I see a new design online, I just have to have it. Even if […]

Swimwear Briefs Might Not Be for All Men

  Swimwear briefs are some of the coolest swimsuits around these days. They look stunning on men with great bodies and even manage to flatter those bodies that are not so perfect. In fact, there are very few body types that cannot or should not wear briefs when they appear on the beach or at […]

Swimwear Briefs to Change Your Life

  I do enjoy wearing my swimwear briefs whenever I get the chance. Of course I haven’t had the chance to wear them as often as I would like, but those days that I do get to wear them are filled with excitement and adventure. I think being able to go out to the beach […]

Attention Getting Swimwear Briefs

  The swimwear briefs that I have been seeing lately have definitely snagged my attention. I saw a guy walking down the beach in a nude pair of briefs and I almost thought he was a living Ken doll. The man was absolutely gorgeous in all aspects but didn’t seem to have anything between his […]

Swimwear Briefs to Entice

  I love wearing my swimwear briefs whenever I have the chance. There is nothing better than knowing you have something on that will show off certain aspects of your body while not getting you in trouble with the law. Although I do have a pair of briefs that probably would get me into a […]

Swimwear Briefs for Twins

  My friend has decided that we need to buy matching men’s swimwear briefs for the next time we go to the beach together. I told him that it was kind of strange for two guys to wear matching swimwear like that, especially made from something sexy like spandex. He doesn’t understand how the rest of […]

Public Display in Swimwear Briefs

  Whenever I wear my men’s swimwear briefs out in public I always get a lot of attention. I never really thought people would say anything to me about the swimwear I had on, but these briefs really do draw attention. The good thing is that the majority of attention that I am getting from people […]

Swimwear Briefs are Better than Tranquilizers

  Whenever I put on my swimwear briefs, I feel like the world is finally perfect for me. I feel so comfortable that almost nothing that happens to me will shake my good mood. I have a lot of friends that have prescriptions in order to feel that, but I simply have my swimwear. It […]

Keeping My Swimwear Briefs Safe

  One of the coolest styles of swimwear I have seen lately has been the swimwear briefs. I don’t know why they look so good to me, but I have been buying them left and right. I see all kinds of different styles but the briefs just seem to fit my personality a bit better, […]