Swimwear Briefs: A Balanced Swimsuit for All Men

  Do you want to know what makes swimwear briefs so great? In a world of sexy, daring swimsuit options, briefs have a lot to compete with; however, they are truly the most balanced swimsuits out of all of their competitors. There is a normal to crazy range for swimming apparel where you can often […]

Not all Swimwear Briefs are the Same

  You may not think that wearing swimwear briefs is all that exciting and if you are only looking at the designs that you can find in those big chain retail stores you would be right. But if you take a minute or two to look around online you will see that even the brief […]

Swimwear Briefs Never Go Out of Style

  Swimwear briefs are swimsuits that never seem to go out of style. That may be because this design can be worn by any man. Even the heavier men can wear these briefs and still look mostly ok. Nothing seems to take away the popularity of these briefs and that is actually a pretty good […]

Discovering Swimwear Briefs

  I always pictured men’s swimwear briefs as just a simplified version of swim trunks until I actually got to try some on. I was on vacation a couple years ago and found a small boutique by the beach that was selling some really interesting items. One of those items happened to be these briefs […]

Getting Attention in my Swimwear Briefs

    Whenever I wear my swimwear briefs out to the beach, I find people staring at me. I used to think they were disappointed in what I was wearing for some reason and I had a hard time looking back at them. Then, one day I finally stopped and asked someone what they were […]

Don’t Miss What Swimwear Briefs Can Do For You

  If you aren’t wearing men’s swimwear briefs to the beach, then you are missing out on some great times. I used to wear regular swimwear all the time and I always had to make sure they were tied right before getting in or out of the water. I have had my fair share of moments […]

Learning to Love Swimwear Briefs

  Wearing swimwear briefs for the first time was a bit awkward for me since I used to wear board shorts all the time. I got used to the way those shorts fit and wearing something that is constrictive to a degree was definitely a change for me. The first day I wore them, I […]

Relaxation in Swimwear Briefs

  I find wearing my swimwear briefs around the house to be the most relaxing part of my day. I work in a rather hectic field and don’t get too many chances to sit back and just relax like other people do when they get home from work. In fact, I am usually still working […]