Getting Ready for Summer with Swimwear Briefs


Perhaps the most commonly purchased swimsuit each year is swimwear briefs. Men tend to gravitate to this style because of the many versatile ways it can be worn. It is also a style that fits in with any swimming venue as well as flatters nearly all body types. It is a fact that men who are not in the best of shape often turn to briefs as their swimwear of choice just because of the many physical flaws they can conceal. Guys do not have to spend a lot of time agonizing over which swimsuit to buy for all around usage when they can simply turn to the briefs that have been in existence for so many years.

It is true that swimwear briefs come in every color of the rainbow and then some. This is something that men like because they know that they will always be able to find the exact color that they want in a brief. It will not be a huge chore to do so, either. These briefs are also very dependable in that they can be easily washed, hung to dry and be ready for you to wear them again the next morning. There is really nothing to taking care of them and you will not be given any weird looks from other beach goers. Briefs just fit in with every location and circumstance without any question.

Perfect form fitting design.
Perfect form fitting design.

While swimwear briefs may not be the most exciting and sexy of all swimsuits, they definitely serve a purpose for the men who choose to wear them. Not only can they be worn at any location and around any type of people, but they provide a simple fit that is enjoyed by the men wearing them. For instance, you might be carrying a few extra pounds that you do not want others to be drawn to and will turn to briefs to hide those pounds until you can get yourself back to your desired weight. The briefs will make you appear to be in better shape than you actually are. No matter which reason you choose to wear briefs, you will always be right.

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Erotic Swimwear Briefs


When swimwear briefs were first introduced to the general public, they were not very sexy to look at when the men who wore them strolled along the beach. Of course, most of the women were probably avoiding looking at them due to the rules of the time and men were not exactly totally out of the closet. Instead, the briefs were chosen for comfort and acceptance. Since these briefs tended to conceal all of the important parts of a man’s body, they were allowed to be worn anywhere that swimming was the prime activity. No one really got noticed when they were wearing these because there just did not seem to be any effort put into making them sexy.

Then, as time went on, erotic swimwear briefs were created and launched to the public. Nothing seemed to be sexier than these briefs. These new designs were made to enhance rather than conceal the very impressive parts of the male body. They cling and mold themselves to a man’s ass cheeks, making them look pinchable, spank worthy, and biteable, and that is just in the back. The front shows even more interesting and lustful parts. There are even briefs that have attachments inside the front of them to make the penis look even more impressive than it may actually be. Just think of how much attention you will get when you have all of that stuff going on in both the back and the front.

Today, men are proud to don swimwear briefs and be seen in public while wearing them. They love the fit and the looks that they get when they are strolling along the water’s edge at their favorite beach. The fit is so flattering that many guys choose only briefs when they go shopping for their new swimsuits. They are comfortable, flattering, and most of all, quite erotic due to the many ways that they enhance the positive parts of a man’s body. If you have any doubts, you should simply buy one and try it out to see what it does for you.

Presenting Swimwear Briefs


If you are in an intimate relationship of some sort with someone, sometimes the best present that you can give to them on a special occasion is that of swimwear briefs. An important fact about these briefs that you be unaware of is that they can be used in other ways besides just swimming in them. That means that when you give the special man in your life some swimsuit briefs, you are actually giving him a lot more than just one gift. This is going to mean so much to him when he finds the many ways that he can utilize his brand new briefs. In fact, he does not even have to know how to swim or even like to go to the beach to enjoy his briefs.

Of course, the main reason to give swimwear briefs to your man is so that he will have a hot and sexy swimsuit to appear in when he hits the beach and starts body surfing the waves. The fun does not stop there. In fact, just when you think that you can only swim in these briefs; it is time to ferret out the other ways that your man can enjoy them. One of these ways is to use them as underwear when your man slips into his dress slacks for work or jeans for some outdoor fun. They function exactly the same way as underwear, and are, frequently, even more comfortable than boxers, briefs or tightie whities.

Sorry no hot models today just me and my big round ass wearing a sheer Koala swimsuit.


Another way your man can fall in love with his swimwear briefs as a gift from you is simply by wearing them around the house and lounging. Nothing is more relaxing than having briefs to slip into at the end of the day and the fact that these briefs came as a gift from the special person in his life is only going to make them even more precious to him. Of course if you are also there to bring him his favorite cocktail and cook his favorite meal; that will only add several cherries on top. Take a few minutes to consider briefs as a gift for your man the next time that you want to spoil him. It will make your relationship that much closer.

Nirvana in Swimwear Briefs


I enjoy wearing swimwear briefs around the house as a way to relax. It may sound a bit odd for a guy to say something like that, but it is true. As soon as I come in from work, I hit the bedroom and change into my briefs. I can literally feel the stress melt away as soon as I pull them all the way up and look at myself in the mirror. They always put a smile on my face and they are so comfortable that I almost wished I had a job where I could wear them and nothing else all day. I think a lot of guys would love to have a job like that, though. Obviously, a grown man needs a job that pays a bit more than a teenage position of a lifeguard, right?

I thought about doing all of my work from home so that I could wear my swimwear briefs all the time, but I know that would not work for me. I would want to go hang out by the pool or head down to the beach and I wound never get any work done. I cannot even wear them under my clothes and go to the office because having them on makes me want to not be at work. It is so odd that these briefs have such an effect on me. I mean, it is great in one way, but it is a hindrance in another way. I need to work and make money so that I can buy more of those swimsuits that I love so much or I might just manage to pitch a little tent in a beach cove to live. I could live in my briefs and spend all my time on the beach.


It really is surprising that Koala swimwear briefs are not more popular than they are right now. I would think that life as we know it would ultimately change for the better if everyone else wore something like this every day. Sure, it would be chaotic at first with no one wanting to work, but we could pull it back together soon after since we would still need things in our lives. But then everyone would be wearing briefs and I could go to work comfortable and stare out the window at the beach. Yes, maybe that is not such a good idea, but I would like to see more guys wearing them around town, if that is at all possible. Just think about how relaxed all of the men would be when they could wear their briefs all the time and everywhere they wanted. It is quite possible that marriages and relationships would be much happier and last longer. Everyone would be so calm that not only the divorce rate would be down, but crime would probably decrease as well. After all, when no one is stressed and angry, there is a great chance that no one will ever be consumed by rage that will cause violence. Yes, this would be a true Nirvana.

Super Sexy Swimwear Briefs


If you are looking for something fun but you don’t really want to go overboard with how much of your body you show off, then you might want to think about wearing swimwear briefs. These swimwear designs will give you all the comfort of the sexier styles without feeling like you are on display with every step you take. They are also extremely comfortable to wear no matter what you might be doing at the beach. I have worn mine to get a tan and to run around playing volleyball and have had no issues from them trying to fall off at all.

I used to have a lot of problems with my swimwear trying to come off when I was getting out of my pool, but my swimwear briefs have never tried to do that. I almost feel like one of those models coming out of a pool during a photo shoot when I think about it. Another great thing about wearing briefs like this is the fact that you can show off your body without making it seem like you are being overly sexual about it. I do like that aspect since I have a great looking body, but I don’t want people thinking I am some kind of pervert. Usually they just look at me longingly and I gather quite a few phone numbers.


All in all I would have to say that swimwear briefs are by far the best designs I have ever owned. I spend a lot of time at the beach and in my pool so I have bought quite a few different designs throughout my lifetime. I have spent a lot of money on some of those designs as well and these briefs make them all look shameful. I did not spend all that much money on them and they fit way better than anything else I have owned in the past. Sometimes you just have to pay attention to make sure that you are not getting scammed.

Be Sensible or Sexy with Swimwear Briefs


There is a funny thing about swimwear briefs. Depending on your body size, body type and preferences of designs and colors, a swimwear brief can make a man appear sensible when he hits the beach or it can make him one of the sexiest sought after men on the beach that day. It is all in the selection of material, colors and, of course, the way that they fit. After all, if a man is 5’3” and weighs 350 pounds, there probably is not a brief anywhere that is going to make him appear sexy. There are just some things that are the facts of life and there is no getting around them. Obviously, there are people in the world that do possess a fetish of being with hugely obese partners, and there is nothing wrong there. To each his own. It is just that most men prefer to be in the shape of an Adonis want those more attractive people to start at his body like they want to devour alive.

The choice of whether you want to be sensible in a swimwear brief or a sexy beast is totally up to you. If your body is already pretty decent enough to start with, you will not have to work so long and hard to get it to the point where you will have tons of positive attention when you slip into your brief. In your case, the brief would make you appear quite sexy because of the way your body looks and the flattering way that the swimsuit will fit you. Most likely, you will have stares from both men and women when you hit the beach filling out that brief in a way that will make inquiry minds want to know exactly what you are hiding under there. Just remember that that is not a bad thing. Not at all.

Now, a sensible swimwear brief can still be attractive even if it is not screaming “Come do me right here; right now!” This is the brief that can safely be worn to family friendly beaches without offending anyone while, at the same time, it will draw the attention of certain people that are at the beach for the specific purpose finding someone to play with. That person just might be you if you play your cards right and have made the best decisions for yourself. You could always try out both the sensible and sexy briefs and see what they do for you. Or you could just switch them out. Again, the choice is yours.


Swimwear briefs that stand out.

How brief is brief? When it comes to swimwear briefs for men things have changed a lot the past few years. Ten years ago a Speedo would be considered a swimwear brief and even though many guys would think of Speedos as being a bikini compared to the new extreme designs for men they are almost a cover up. Bikinis have been getting smaller and smaller for some time now. It would be safe to say that the typical men’s bikini swimsuit is about the same size as the typical women’s swimsuit with the only real difference being the bulge pouch on the men’s suit other than that they both offer about the same coverage. Women’s bikinis are available in many sizes from full coverage to Brazilian bikinis, string bikinis and micro bikinis. Swimwear briefs and bikinis for men are available in all the same shapes and sizes as those listed for women. Men are wearing more Brazilian cut bikinis with narrow front pouches and rears that cover about fifty percent of the butt. Not quite thongs but very skimpy indeed. The Rio Summer Olympics are going to be a huge boost for sexy men’s swimwear worldwide. There were literally be hundreds if not thousands of clips, photos and live events showing off Brazilian men and women at the beach, both Brazilian men and women show a lot of skin and most have these lovely round full rears that are made for showing off!  Men’s swimwear companies are already getting ready for what looks to be a block buster summer season. Many new skimpy sexy swimwear briefs for men will be introduced by the major swimwear makers in January and February 2016. It should by exciting and fun seeing all the hot models wearing these amazingly skimpy designs but even more fun will be real people watching seeing all the men strutting their stuff like us ladies have forever.

The Right Swimwear Briefs to Impress My Friend


Nothing says summer like putting on that first pair of new swimwear briefs and heading out to the beach for some fun. I only wish I could have that feeling in my life every single day. I have thought about buying a new pair of briefs for every day of the year but that would only last me for that one year. Unfortunately, the amount of money that I would have to put into something like that just isn’t going to be possible right now. But I think it would be amazing to be able to do something like that.

Swimwear briefs are something that I stumbled upon by accident, really. I have always been one of those men that stuck with the traditional swimwear that I wore when I was younger. But after seeing a friend of mine wearing a pair of briefs one day, I decided that I needed a change in my life. I went online and found a pair that closely resembled his but was not an exact copy so that if we wore them at the same time, it would not seem to be weird. No one wants to be seen wearing the same swimwear as their friend is especially when it is something sexy like a brief design.

While my friend has a few pairs of swimwear briefs that he likes to wear, I have about twenty different ones of my own. I love being able to show off the newest designs that I have found to him in order to see his reaction. Most of the time, he just smiles and nods his head approvingly, which is not the type of reaction that I am hoping to get from him. I guess he just is not as into these briefs as I am but that is okay. I will just continue to show them off to him whenever I can. One of these days, he might see some that really gets his attention. That will bring about a reaction that is more than just a slight nod of approval and a condescending smile.


No models just me in a very tiny micro swimwear brief by Koala


Swimwear Briefs for Casual Comfort


Men who are searching for comfort as well as attractive swimsuits should consider swimwear briefs. Not only are briefs flattering to most body types but they also offer comfort to the more shy men who do not feel right about exposing any more bare skin than they absolutely have to show. Briefs are more like shorts to these men and they are ok with wearing this style of swimsuit even if they do not usually wear shorts any other time. Nothing works to make shy guys happy better than briefs. They feel as if they are just walking around in regular clothes whether they wear a t-shirt or not.

Another thing that should be taken into consideration with swimwear briefs is that these are the perfect items to wear to any of those male swimsuit parties that are catching on like wildfire these days. You can simply slip into one of these briefs and wear them underneath your street clothes if you prefer. Then all you will need to do when you arrive at the party venue is slip back out of your street clothes and you will blend right in with everyone else. In fact, you will most likely see other men there who are also wearing briefs although you should be prepared to also see some very erotic versions of swimwear from the other party guests.


Something else that you need to realize is that swimwear briefs help you look great for a fraction of the price of other, more erotic swimsuits. Obviously, designer briefs are always going to be rather expensive even when you get the plain ones, but you will usually be able to find some decent bargains once you know how to shop for them. Most of the time, however, you will find that briefs offer a more affordable option to getting some quality as well as flattering swimsuits when you choose to purchase briefs. They are also perfect to wear no matter what sort of beach you are visiting because there is nothing overtly indecent about them. They flatter without going too far.