Give Swimwear Briefs a Chance


In my opinion, I think swimwear briefs are the way to go. I have tried all the other types of swimwear available on the market and, while some of them did feel comfortable and made me look good; my briefs are still my favorites. I think I am a more controlled and traditional type of guy, personally, and wearing briefs enables me to focus on just having fun. When I wear things like bikinis and thongs I usually have my mind wandering about whether or not I am completely tucked away or if I am flashing people and that always stops me from having fun because I do not want to upset people.

Now you do not have to feel the same way about swimwear briefs that I do in order to enjoy wearing them. I have a friend that loves wearing skimpy swimwear all the time and he still likes wearing briefs. Although he has recently found a design of briefs that are more geared towards the sexy side and he really loves wearing them out in public. Just imagine what it is like to go out to the beach with him while I am wearing something a little more traditional and he is showing off his family jewels to very one that walks by. I start to feel a little silly sitting there in my traditional swimsuit.

No matter what kind of swimwear you prefer to wear to the beach, swimwear briefs should be at the top of your list at least some of the time. I bet that you would end up having just as much fun wearing something like this as you would any other design you might enjoy. If you do not think, then why not try it out someday and see for yourself? You might be surprised at how fulfilling something mild can be from time to time. Besides, if you do not like them, then you can always go back to wearing the ones that you get off on the next time you go out. That is the great thing about having choices.

How Long to Wear Swimwear Briefs


I have been wearing swimwear briefs for a while now and I think they are pretty amazing. I never really thought of brief designer swimwear as being something that I would be interested in but now that I have tried them on, I can see how they could become the next big thing. They are extremely comfortable and the designs that I have tried out all seem to fit perfectly. I love the fact that I do not have to worry about them slipping off when I get out of the water like traditional swimwear can do. I also like that I do not have to keep making sure they are tied tightly.


I do wish that I had discovered these swimwear briefs earlier in my life, though. It would have been great to be able to wear something like this when I had the perfect body to show off while wearing them. But I am happy with how I look and feel in them now so it is not all that bad, I guess. I can imagine the amount of trouble I would have gotten into ten or fifteen years ago while wearing something of this nature out on the beach, though, and that thought brings a lot of happiness to me.

Even though I am older now, I still like wearing my swimwear briefs and I think I always will. At least for as long as I can still walk down the beach unaided and have women looking at me as I walk by. Obviously, I would not want to wear them while using a walker as I made my way down the sand. I think when it becomes a hassle for me to slip into my briefs, then I might have to give them up, but I am pretty sure that is not going to happen any time soon. At least I hope it does not happen soon. I could always be that crazy old pervert in the nursing home walking around in his briefs with nothing else on, though. Actually. that sounds like it could be a lot of fun and who knows? Those old ladies in the nursing home might actually enjoy the sight.

A National Swimwear Briefs Day?



I think the best fashion trend the world has ever seen is the swimwear briefs designs that I wear throughout the summer. I know this is just my opinion on the matter and there are a lot of other people out there that would probably argue with me but it is how I feel. I think the world took a turn for the best when the initial designer decided to make these briefs. After this design came out there were thousands of others that came out almost immediately and men could finally be themselves out on the beach. To me there is nothing better than that happening.

I love swimwear briefs and I think that everyone out there should try wearing them for a day. In fact I would like to see a whole holiday set up where that is all you are allowed to wear for an entire weekend. We could all get a three day weekend from work and there would be parties and whatnot. It would be the perfect way to start off summer especially if you lived near a beach. I wonder who I would have to talk to in order to get something like that started.

I know that there will probably never be a national swimwear briefs day but it is something worth looking into. Maybe I could get enough people to sign a petition that it could bring these wonderful swimwear designs into the mainstream for a few days. Then people would be able to see firsthand how great these designs are and they would go out and buy some to wear. The more guys that are willing to wear something like this out in the more chance that it will become the next casual swimwear choice for everyone. I even think women look sexy as hell wearing something like this and I would have no problem if this was the only swimwear choice for people to choose from.

Swimwear Briefs


I have been wearing the same basic swimwear briefs for the last few years and I am getting tired of them. It seems like everyone else on the beach has changed to some other kind of design and I am still stuck in the 80’s with the designs that I am wearing. So I have decided to change my life up a bit and find some different designs that I could take out to the beach and show people that I have finally moved into the 21st century. The only problem with this idea is that I was not aware that so many different designs were actually available these days.

I feel so lost seeing all of those swimwear briefs that I saw online and not knowing anything about them. I figured I would spend ten minutes or so online and find a couple of different designs that I could try out. What actually happened was that I spent three hours looking through sites and found thousands of different brief designs. Now I have no idea what I am going to do because I think all of the designs that I have come across are different enough for me to wear. Of course I do not have the money to buy them all so now I am really stuck.


I do not want to keep wearing the same swimwear briefs but I am not sure which new ones I should try out first. It could be that I just need some advice from some friends who have been wearing these new designs for a while now. I figure I will take a couple of days and go to the local beaches around me to see if any guys are wearing some of the designs that I have found. If they are, I will at least be able to see what they might look like being worn by someone. If they are not, then I might just buy a couple and try them out anyway. Maybe I could end up being the guy that sets a trend on the beach rather than the guy that is the last one to fall out of a trend like I am now. Now that would be totally cool to me!

Happiness in my Swimwear Briefs



Swimwear briefs are probably one of the best designs ever for taking to the beach. I do not have to worry about showing off too much of my body and getting in trouble, but I can still feel sexy walking around in the sand. I love the fact that there are other guys starting to wear them out in public as well. I used to feel completely alone whenever I went out on the beach and did not see anyone else wearing this kind of design. I wanted to run up to every guy I saw and convince them that wearing briefs like this would make them a lot happier, but I did not do that.

Now I see guys all over the place wearing their spandex briefs and it makes me happy for them. They finally get to experience what I have in my life and I would like to think that I had something to do with it. I live in a rather smallish town so I am sure that most of the people have seen me walking around in my briefs and that helped lead them to getting their own. At least I would hope that would be the case.

Now I just have to wait for the rest of the world to find spandex briefs as comfortable as I do and I will be truly happy. Once every guy on the planet is wearing something like this to the beach, I will probably find something else to wear, though. I do not know if I could stick with something that was not just a bit unique. That is another great thing about spandex, though; there are so many options available that I can wear just about anything and not feel like I am on any kind of bandwagon. Of course none of that really matters as long as you are truly happy with yourself and I am definitely happy with my life right now. After all, what truly matters more than that?

Living Happily Swimwear Briefs


One of the best things in my life right now is the swimwear briefs that I am currently wearing. That’s right folks; I am sitting here writing this while wearing the best briefs I have ever come into contact with. I feel comfortable, relaxed, and rather sexy if I do say so myself. I think more guys could learn a few things about being comfortable like this. In fact, I want all the guys reading this that do not currently own these kinds of briefs to purchase at least one pair right now. You will feel better about yourself as soon as you click that buy button; I can guarantee it.



My swimwear briefs have been the things that I always felt was missing in my life. The funny thing is that I did not know that is what was missing until I actually tried them on for the first time. Ever since then, I have been buying and wearing these briefs every single day. Yes, I said buying a pair of briefs every day as well as wearing them. I love looking for different brief designs and colors and I always end up buying at least one pair a day. It has been that way for the last two years.

You can imagine just how many swimwear briefs I currently own. I have enough that I could probably wear a different pair every day for a couple of years and never wear the same one twice. Not that I do that since I have too many to actually keep track of. I also have quite a few of them that I simply love wearing more than others so I do. If you do not understand why a guy like me would do something like this, then you have not found that one thing in life that makes you truly happy. If you bought those briefs like I told you to, then you will soon find that special happiness and you will definitely understand what I have been talking about to you.

Having Fun in Swimwear Briefs


If you are not going to the beach in swimwear briefs, then you are not having nearly as much fun as you should be having. Granted, there are guys that are wearing other designs that will be having fun as well, but if you are not ready to show off your body like they are, then these are the next best thing. They fit perfectly and allow you to really show off what you have without forcing people to look at parts of your body they might not want to look at. At least they might not want to look at it openly anyway.

Swimwear briefs are probably the greatest thing the world has ever created as far as I am concerned. Okay, they may not be the greatest now that I really think about it, but as far as beach wear goes; they most certainly are. I think everyone should give up on wearing those nasty trunks and instead put on some briefs. Even the bigger guys on the beach look good in something like this. If you don’t believe me, then you need to spend some more time people watching while you are on the beach. You are bound to see a rather large man walking around in these types of briefs at some point.

I love the fact that swimwear briefs are becoming so popular these days, too. Nothing says innovation than the clothing that we are wearing to the beach. Just think about what type of swimwear they were wearing 80 years ago and take a look at what we are wearing today. You can see how innovative the world has become through those dramatic changes. You can also tell that people are opening their minds to different concepts of sexiness. I think it won’t be too much longer before even the briefs that are so fascinating to me now become the idealistic aspect of traditional swimming trunks of the past. Things do change as time passes.

How to Wear Swimwear Briefs


I have always been curious about wearing swimwear briefs to the beach but I’m not the type of guy that would look good in something like that. In fact, when I go to the beach I do my best to hide as much of my body as I possibly can. I have no problems with other guys wearing things of this nature and I actually encourage it with my friends. On the other hand, when it comes to me wearing them; I just don’t think I can pull it off all that well. I would love to be able to try it, though, and so I have started looking around for something that might fit.

The only issue I have right now with the swimwear briefs that I have seen online is that they are a bit small. I am a rather large man and I need something that is going to fit me. I don’t think I can get into something that looks like one of those videos where they put a bunch of rubber bands on a watermelon until it implodes. I need something that is form fitting and I simply haven’t found that size just yet. I won’t stop looking for them, though, as I am sure there are other larger men out there that want to wear them as well.


I have thought about losing some of this weight and getting into better shape so that I can wear the swimwear briefs that I have found online but I don’t know if I can wait that long. It would end up taking me months to get to the point where I can wear some of these designs and I might have changed my mind by the time I get there. Although it would probably still be better for me in the long run to just go ahead and get into shape. Maybe I should do that and keep looking for briefs that I can fit into right now. It may be that I can have one of those moments when the larger size does not fit anymore and I can be happy about it.


Getting Ready for Summer with Swimwear Briefs


Perhaps the most commonly purchased swimsuit each year is swimwear briefs. Men tend to gravitate to this style because of the many versatile ways it can be worn. It is also a style that fits in with any swimming venue as well as flatters nearly all body types. It is a fact that men who are not in the best of shape often turn to briefs as their swimwear of choice just because of the many physical flaws they can conceal. Guys do not have to spend a lot of time agonizing over which swimsuit to buy for all around usage when they can simply turn to the briefs that have been in existence for so many years.

It is true that swimwear briefs come in every color of the rainbow and then some. This is something that men like because they know that they will always be able to find the exact color that they want in a brief. It will not be a huge chore to do so, either. These briefs are also very dependable in that they can be easily washed, hung to dry and be ready for you to wear them again the next morning. There is really nothing to taking care of them and you will not be given any weird looks from other beach goers. Briefs just fit in with every location and circumstance without any question.

Perfect form fitting design.
Perfect form fitting design.

While swimwear briefs may not be the most exciting and sexy of all swimsuits, they definitely serve a purpose for the men who choose to wear them. Not only can they be worn at any location and around any type of people, but they provide a simple fit that is enjoyed by the men wearing them. For instance, you might be carrying a few extra pounds that you do not want others to be drawn to and will turn to briefs to hide those pounds until you can get yourself back to your desired weight. The briefs will make you appear to be in better shape than you actually are. No matter which reason you choose to wear briefs, you will always be right.

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