Speedos for men and going even smaller!

Speedos for Men One of the most popular swimsuits that guys want these days is speedos for men. Of course, before you take it to your favorite swimming venue, you will want to make sure that your body is in the best shape that it can be. No one wants to be pointed at and […]

Get Noticed in Swimwear Briefs

Get Noticed in Swimwear Briefs   When it comes time to go out on the beach and show off, wearing swimwear briefs is the perfect choice. Not only can you find numerous styles to choose from but the attention you will get from wearing them out in public will be amazing. Just look at all […]

I Wear Swimwear Briefs at Home

  I Wear Swimwear Briefs at Home When it comes to wearing swimwear briefs around the house, I am probably an expert. At least that is what all of my friends would say if you asked them. I tend to walk around in nothing but my briefs whenever I get the chance and I do […]

Buying Swimwear Briefs for the First Time

  There are a lot of different kinds of swimwear briefs on the market these days and most guys are not even aware of them. They have probably seen them walking around on the beach all the time by sexy guys wearing them but they were not aware of what they were looking at. Do […]

Swimwear Briefs of High Fashion

Swimwear Briefs of High Fashion Swimwear briefs have been around for decades. They have always been some of the preferred swim suits for professional swimmers, aside from bikinis. The briefs were never really anything too special, at least not until modern fashion took a swing at it. Modern fashion is known for its artistry and […]