Men’s extreme swimwear briefs

Swimwear Briefs

I have seen a lot of different swimwear briefs running around lately and it has gotten me to thinking that I would like to wear some myself. Now that may not seem like a big issue for the majority of guys reading this, but I don’t exactly have the body to be running anywhere, let alone in this kind of swimwear. So, I have decided that by next summer I will have the body that I need to look good in my swimwear even though it is going to take a lot of hard work on my part.

I have started looking around at gyms in my area and found a couple that might work out for me. Now I just have to explain to them that all I want to do is be able to get into my swimwear briefs and look good while walking down the beach. I am sure that they have heard all kinds of reason for people wanting to get back into shape but this one might end up being something they haven’t heard from a guy yet. At least I can be the first one and maybe other guys will follow in my footsteps.

One thing I will have to do is buy a pair of swimwear briefs and take with me so that I can show them what I am trying to get into. The only problem I have with that is picking out a size that is realistic for me to try to fit into. I don’t want them too small and have people laugh at me because my body size will never get that small. But I don’t want anything too big either as I want to actually look good while wearing my briefs. I guess I will just have to buy a couple different pairs and see which ones I like the best and hope that I can actually get down to that weight in the end.

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