Happiness in my Swimwear Briefs

    Swimwear briefs are probably one of the best designs ever for taking to the beach. I do not have to worry about showing off too much of my body and getting in trouble, but I can still feel sexy walking around in the sand. I love the fact that there are other guys […]

Living Happily Swimwear Briefs

  One of the best things in my life right now is the swimwear briefs that I am currently wearing. That’s right folks; I am sitting here writing this while wearing the best briefs I have ever come into contact with. I feel comfortable, relaxed, and rather sexy if I do say so myself. I […]

Having Fun in Swimwear Briefs

  If you are not going to the beach in swimwear briefs, then you are not having nearly as much fun as you should be having. Granted, there are guys that are wearing other designs that will be having fun as well, but if you are not ready to show off your body like they […]