The Right Swimwear Briefs to Impress My Friend


Nothing says summer like putting on that first pair of new swimwear briefs and heading out to the beach for some fun. I only wish I could have that feeling in my life every single day. I have thought about buying a new pair of briefs for every day of the year but that would only last me for that one year. Unfortunately, the amount of money that I would have to put into something like that just isn’t going to be possible right now. But I think it would be amazing to be able to do something like that.

Swimwear briefs are something that I stumbled upon by accident, really. I have always been one of those men that stuck with the traditional swimwear that I wore when I was younger. But after seeing a friend of mine wearing a pair of briefs one day, I decided that I needed a change in my life. I went online and found a pair that closely resembled his but was not an exact copy so that if we wore them at the same time, it would not seem to be weird. No one wants to be seen wearing the same swimwear as their friend is especially when it is something sexy like a brief design.

While my friend has a few pairs of swimwear briefs that he likes to wear, I have about twenty different ones of my own. I love being able to show off the newest designs that I have found to him in order to see his reaction. Most of the time, he just smiles and nods his head approvingly, which is not the type of reaction that I am hoping to get from him. I guess he just is not as into these briefs as I am but that is okay. I will just continue to show them off to him whenever I can. One of these days, he might see some that really gets his attention. That will bring about a reaction that is more than just a slight nod of approval and a condescending smile.


No models just me in a very tiny micro swimwear brief by Koala


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