Be Sensible or Sexy with Swimwear Briefs


There is a funny thing about swimwear briefs. Depending on your body size, body type and preferences of designs and colors, a swimwear brief can make a man appear sensible when he hits the beach or it can make him one of the sexiest sought after men on the beach that day. It is all in the selection of material, colors and, of course, the way that they fit. After all, if a man is 5’3” and weighs 350 pounds, there probably is not a brief anywhere that is going to make him appear sexy. There are just some things that are the facts of life and there is no getting around them. Obviously, there are people in the world that do possess a fetish of being with hugely obese partners, and there is nothing wrong there. To each his own. It is just that most men prefer to be in the shape of an Adonis want those more attractive people to start at his body like they want to devour alive.

The choice of whether you want to be sensible in a swimwear brief or a sexy beast is totally up to you. If your body is already pretty decent enough to start with, you will not have to work so long and hard to get it to the point where you will have tons of positive attention when you slip into your brief. In your case, the brief would make you appear quite sexy because of the way your body looks and the flattering way that the swimsuit will fit you. Most likely, you will have stares from both men and women when you hit the beach filling out that brief in a way that will make inquiry minds want to know exactly what you are hiding under there. Just remember that that is not a bad thing. Not at all.

Now, a sensible swimwear brief can still be attractive even if it is not screaming “Come do me right here; right now!” This is the brief that can safely be worn to family friendly beaches without offending anyone while, at the same time, it will draw the attention of certain people that are at the beach for the specific purpose finding someone to play with. That person just might be you if you play your cards right and have made the best decisions for yourself. You could always try out both the sensible and sexy briefs and see what they do for you. Or you could just switch them out. Again, the choice is yours.


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