Be Sensible or Sexy with Swimwear Briefs

  There is a funny thing about swimwear briefs. Depending on your body size, body type and preferences of designs and colors, a swimwear brief can make a man appear sensible when he hits the beach or it can make him one of the sexiest sought after men on the beach that day. It is […]

Swimwear briefs that stand out.

How brief is brief? When it comes to swimwear briefs for men things have changed a lot the past few years. Ten years ago a Speedo would be considered a swimwear brief and even though many guys would think of Speedos as being a bikini compared to the new extreme designs for men they are […]

The Right Swimwear Briefs to Impress My Friend

  Nothing says summer like putting on that first pair of new swimwear briefs and heading out to the beach for some fun. I only wish I could have that feeling in my life every single day. I have thought about buying a new pair of briefs for every day of the year but that […]

Swimwear Briefs for Casual Comfort

  Men who are searching for comfort as well as attractive swimsuits should consider swimwear briefs. Not only are briefs flattering to most body types but they also offer comfort to the more shy men who do not feel right about exposing any more bare skin than they absolutely have to show. Briefs are more […]