Learning to Love Swimwear Briefs


Wearing swimwear briefs for the first time was a bit awkward for me since I used to wear board shorts all the time. I got used to the way those shorts fit and wearing something that is constrictive to a degree was definitely a change for me. The first day I wore them, I kept trying to pull the crotch out because of how tight they felt. But, after that first day, I started to get used to them and didn’t have any of the issues I had had in the past. They actually started to feel quite nice to me after that.


I do like the fact that I can get in and out of the water without having to worry about anything happening with my swimwear briefs that might be embarrassing for me. Any guy that has worn swimming trunks or board shorts knows about the dreaded bubble of air that always happens when they first get into the water, but things like that don’t happen with these briefs. I don’t have to worry about constantly keeping them tied in front, either, so that they don’t fall off when I am getting out of the water, which is amazing to me.

I have to say that taking the move from shorts to men’s swimwear briefs has definitely made my life a lot easier. I can now spend more time having fun on the beach or at the pool and spend less time worrying about embarrassing myself. Now, if I could just figure out a way of wearing them all the time while I was working I think my life would be complete. I have thought about wearing them under my clothes, but that defeats the purpose of wearing them as far as I am concerned. I want to be able to show them off, but the office I work in probably wouldn’t enjoy me doing something like that all the time. So I will just stick to the beach and the privacy of my own home. That will keep me quite happy and I don’t have to deal with the strange looks of others as I grow accustomed to the fit of my briefs.