Staying Aroused Swimwear Briefs


Most of the swimwear briefs that I have come across out in public have been perfectly fine to wear in front of strangers. I would even wear some of them out to the beach if I had them. But the ones that I like to wear are the ones that people would be throwing a fit about seeing out on the beach. I like the ones that have a sexual connotation built into them that screams orgasm. If it isn’t something that I have to hide from the view of people in my own family, then I am just not turned on by them at all.

Most people think that I am crazy for wearing men’s swimwear briefs like this but they just don’t understand how hard they make my cock. Wearing things like this is better than watching porn, in my opinion. With porn, you are pretty much done before everything comes to a finish. But with my sexual briefs I am never quite finished and always looking for more while I have them on. It’s like having a never-ending bout of foreplay with someone that can really turn you on, which I am always up for.


I am always on the lookout for sexy swimwear briefs that I can wear around the house. I can’t really wear them under my clothes while I’m at work because everyone would notice the hardon that I am sure to keep. I tried once and my boss thought I had overdosed on Viagra or something and tried to make me go to the hospital. I explained it was because of the briefs that I had on and finally had to show him what I was talking about. I noticed about two days later he was walking around with a hardon and a smile. I think he liked what I was wearing but didn’t want to admit it to me.

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