Feeling Manly in Swimwear Briefs


A lot of people have heard about swimwear briefs and the wonderful designs that are available, but few of them have actually worn them. I am one of those guys that had heard about them and wasn’t all that impressed until I actually tried a pair on for myself. I always thought that wearing anything other than regular swimming trunks made you out to be less of a man somehow. Because of this, I had friends that kept trying to get me to try something different just to see what I would look like in them. I thought they, too, were less than manly at that time.

As it turns out, wearing men’s swimwear briefs is rather exciting and shows just how manly I really am. I mean this by the fact that it shows off just how big my cock is and, when people see that; they are always impressed. I wasn’t so sure about trying them on the first time but, once I got them on and looked in the mirror; I noticed that they did, indeed, fit nicely on my body. My friends were absolutely speechless, which is always a good thing when you consider how sarcastic these guys can be.


Now I wear my swimwear briefs all the time and I have no regrets about it in the least. My friends love the fact that we are all wearing basically the same thing when we go to the beach now, and the attention is absolutely amazing. I haven’t had so many women chasing me around on the beach in my entire life which makes me feel even manlier than ever. So if you are looking to wear something different but you are afraid of trying anything that makes you look girly or whatever, then try wearing some of these briefs and see what they can bring to your life.

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