Coming out in my Swimwear Briefs

  When I first started wearing swimwear briefs to the beach I had no idea that I was going to be the talk of the town. I guess it helped that I live in a really small town and no one else was wearing anything like this except me. In fact, I believe I was […]

Staying Aroused Swimwear Briefs

  Most of the swimwear briefs that I have come across out in public have been perfectly fine to wear in front of strangers. I would even wear some of them out to the beach if I had them. But the ones that I like to wear are the ones that people would be throwing […]

Feeling Manly in Swimwear Briefs

  A lot of people have heard about swimwear briefs and the wonderful designs that are available, but few of them have actually worn them. I am one of those guys that had heard about them and wasn’t all that impressed until I actually tried a pair on for myself. I always thought that wearing […]

Marching for Swimwear Briefs

  When you start wearing men’s swimwear briefs out in public, you will have to arrive at the understanding that you are on display. There is no other way of thinking about it, either. You are showing off parts of your body that most people do their best to try and hide on a regular basis. […]

My Swimwear Briefs Discovery

  I just recently found out about these spandex swimwear briefs that everyone seems to be enjoying. I don’t really go to the beach all that much so it wasn’t something that I was keeping up on regularly. Now, however, it seems like I will be another one of those guys that is wearing spandex all […]