Quality Evolution in Swimwear Briefs

  Wearing swimwear briefs has always interested me, but I couldn’t stand the designs they used to have available. They seemed really tight and short and looked like someone just cut up a pair of pants. They didn’t even remind me of swimwear at first glance. I tried some of the older designs and they […]

Swimwear Briefs to Entice

  I love wearing my swimwear briefs whenever I have the chance. There is nothing better than knowing you have something on that will show off certain aspects of your body while not getting you in trouble with the law. Although I do have a pair of briefs that probably would get me into a […]

Swimwear Briefs for Twins

  My friend has decided that we need to buy matching men’s swimwear briefs for the next time we go to the beach together. I told him that it was kind of strange for two guys to wear matching swimwear like that, especially made from something sexy like spandex. He doesn’t understand how the rest of […]